Pippin Hill C Filigree 3*M

LA 2019 VEEE 90

LA 2018  VEEE 89

LA 2017  VEVE 88

LA 2016 VVVV 86


Pippin Hill MB Bellissima 3*M

LA 2018 VEEV 89

LA 2017 VEV+ 86

LA 2016 EVV+ 87

Pippin Hill S California Poppy 2*M
LA 2018 VEEV 88
LA 2019 VVVE 87
Pippin Hill SS Rare Gem 3*M
LA 2018 VEEV 88
LA 2019 VVE+ 85
Pippin Hill DB Shamrock 1*M
LA 2019 VEVV 88
LA 2018 VVVV 87

Pippin Hill MB Milly 3*M

LA 2017 VEEV 89

SG Pippin Hill HT That's Amore 3*M

LA 2019 VEEV 88

LA 2018 VEEV 88

LA 2017 VVE+ 86


Pippin Hill DB Allegretto 4*M
LA 2019 VEVE 89
LA 2018 +EEV 87

Blue is For sale 500. 


Trinity Ridge Sassafras 1*M

       LA 2018 VEEE 91

       LA 2017 VEEV 89

       LA 2014 VEEV 89

       LA 2013 EVEV 88

     Sassafrss is sold





SG Pippin Hill FC Pointsetta 1*M

winner of Best of Show in the Syringa Show in Idaho

LA 2018 VEEE 90

LA 2017 VEEV 88

LA 2016 VEEV 89

LA 2015 ++VV 83

Pointsetta is sold


Pippin Hill DB Irish Kiss 2*M

LA 2018 VEEE 90

LA 2017 +V+E 87

LA 2016 +VVV 86

Kiss is sold

First Fresheners


Pippin Hill BJ Black Pearl
Pippin Hill HB Treasure Island X Elfin Acres B BlackJack

Pippin Hill  TM Holly Wood

Pippin Hill S California PoppyX Pippin Hill Tramonto

Pippin Hill  HB Gold Locket

Pippin Hill C Filigree 3*M LA VEEE 90

X DiJi Farms BW Hudson Bay *B

Pippin Hill BJ I Love Lucy

Pippin Hill HT That's Amore 3*M LA VEEV 88

X Elfin Acres BlackJack*B

Pippin Hill  BJ MyOwnSweeThyme

Blythmoore A Thyme To Remember LA +VEE 87

X Elfin Acres Blackjack *B

Pippin Hill SS BellesNhertoes

Pippin Hill HT Bella Notte 3*M LA VEVV 86

X Castle Rock Sunset *B LA EEE 91

2019 KeeperKids

Pippin Hill CL Rose Parade
For Sale
Pippin Hill CC Lola
Pippin Hill CC Irish Angel
Pippin Hill CC Gold Star
Pippin Hill CC Stella 
Pippin Hill CC Love Bug
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Psalm 100:5 The LORD is good; His lovingkindness is everlasting

and His faithfulness  to all generations.

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