yearling photo

 Pippin Hill FC Pointsetta 1*M


 DOB. 06-04-13

 Reg. ADGA

 LA 2014 V+VV (Young stock)

 LA 2015 ++VV 83 (First Freshener)

 LA 2016 VEEV 89

LA 2017 VEEV 88

LA  2018 VEEE 90

Prodgeny retained:

Pippin Hill S California Poppy

Pippin Hill SS Helianthus

Pippin Hill SS Evening Primrose

Dam:  Sage Acres CH Alyssum Lace

(2014)-Pointsetta thrilled us this spring as she won several awards at the Syringa Goat Show in Idaho including Best of Show!

She is very angular and dairy, with a beautiful topline.

Really looking forward to seeing her freshen!

(2015)-Well here it is!  And just as beautiful as I had hoped!  Our appraiser thought so too - giving her a V in her mamery this June.

On her first milk test she milked 2.7 lbs. Not bad for a little first freshener!

(2016) - Pointsetta earned her milk star last year as a ff, and this year has started out strong milking 4 lbs on her first test. 

So pleased with this girl! Our appraiser lover her, and had many good things to say.

She appraised VEEV 89!

(2017) This year Pointsetta has milked 760 lbs and still milking! She could have done  earned her  star in production last year if I hadn't needed to dry her off in the fall, but she has done it this year. She is as beautiful as ever.

(2018) Pointsetta milked a total of 810 lbs last year, and has millked over 4 lbs on each of her first 4 milk tests this year.

She has also been awarded her Superior Genetics Award! 

And... she just scored VEEE 90 on her Linear Appraisal! 

She just keeps getting better!

-one more thing: 

Her daughter by Castle Rock Sunset (California Poppy) just scored VEEV 88 as a first freshened 2 yrs old.

I'm so glad I kept Poppy's brother a buck- Pippin Hill SS Helianthus!

First freshened udder

Sire: Buttin' Heads Father Christmas +* B

SSS: Creek Road Hudson +S

SS: Buttin' Heads MOH Rising Son

Sire: Buttin' Heads Father Christmas +*B

SSD: CH Buttin' Heads Carmen Sandiego VEEE89

SDS: Buttin' Heads Galziping Ghost *S

SD: Buttin' Heads Black Iredsh Rose VEEV 88

SDD: ARMCH Buttin' Heads Wedding Song 3*D EEEE91

DSS: Old Mountain Farm Black Tulip

DS: Old Mountain Farm Vinalhaven

DSD: AGS Bombahook Acres FI Bailey

Dam:  Sage Acres CH Alyssum Lace

DDS AGS Camanna ZH PT Cruiser

DD: SG Blythmoor GC Hyacinth

DDD: AGS Camanna AL Hope's Gabrielle

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Psalm 100:5 The LORD is good; His lovingkindness is everlasting

and His faithfulness  to all generations.

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