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A Performance herd, breeding for Milk, Type, Temperament and Health.
      Website updated 12-11-2023

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Welcome to Pippin Hill Farm! We are located in the far NE corner of Oregon, a wonderful place to call home!

Our goals are to consistently improve the breed, focusing on production, and type, paying mind to temperament and health.

We got started out with goats because the kids (our 4 two legged ones) wanted something to milk. I did a lot of research on goats, and the different breeds before we purchased 3 Nigerian Dwarf does from the Camanna herd back in 2009. The rest is history! My kids have since lost the desire to milk, so I do all the milking, supplementing, doctoring, etc, while my kids help by cleaning pens, feeding,  watering and lots of other general help. What was once their hobby, has become my obsession! :)

Electrician Husband  thinks its great to live an a goat farm, but would rather enjoy them in theory. Although I think he actually likes having the occasional baby in the house. He has been known to milk for me when I have had to go out of town with all the kids, and did not once complain when I kept a sick buck in the basement for a month. :)

 I am really loving the way our herd is developing, and am very excited for the new bloodlines we have introduced.

We are a Christian Home school family where learning takes place

anywhere, everywhere, and all the time! It is an ongoing process, and

we know there is always more to learn, so this website will be in a 

constant state of updating as our herd grows and as we grow. 

Check back with us often, and follow us on Facebook!

We have been participating in ADGA's Linear Appraisal program and DHIR yearly since 2011. 

We find these programs extremely helpful in helping us make breeding and buying decisions. Not only do they help by the information they provide, but also give me goals to strive for, and a tangible way of judging how close we are to attaining them.

We also have gone to a few shows over the years, and hope to attend more this spring.

The results of these events will be posted on  our Face Book page first, and then here when I get the time.

, we have had numerous

does achieve their milk stars. Many of those are achieved in all three areas of milk, fat, and protein. We have done well in Linear Appraisel, and reaching the 90's with some of our does has been a highlight.

We do keep/sell intact bucks if I feel their dam is worthy of keeping a son out of, so this would be where her milk records and LA scores come in.

They are also a help in determining price of kids.

We are proud to have residing with us Redstone Cosmic Charlie and Springwater LB JohnnyAppleseed. 

Charlie's Dam Redstone SF Dark Star is

 Tested Negative again for CAE, CL and Johnes October 2022. We have always been negative.

We raise our goats as naturally as we can, which means we use herbs to boost immune systems instead of vaccinating, we use herbs instead of chemical de-wormers, and we dam raise with lots of human interaction to keep them friendly. 

We do however, use Coccidiosis prevention, and antibiotics if needed. 

Click here for more information on what and how we feed.

Coming soon!

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