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The Sale Page-

​Each year I keep four to six does from the new kids, and therefore have to choose an equal number of adult does to move on to other herds or risk being overrun! It is not an easy task.
If you are interested in an adult doe, please contact me and let me know what you are looking for, as it does make that job easier when I know that they are going to the right home. Plus, you never know who I might be willing to part with. Many never see the sale page.
Please be sure to read our policies  regarding deposits, reservations, and pickup at the bottom of this page, and be aware of our herd management which is on the home page. Thank you for your interest in our herd!

New kids are expected March through June! You can check the Kidding 2023 page to see who is bred to who. This info is also posted on the doe page, 2nd fresheners 2023, and First Fresheners 2023 page at the bottom of each doe card. 
We still have a few kids available from 2022 . Click Here to see them! 

Dry yearlings:

None at this time, but see 2022 kids page for some nice 8 month old kids.

Adult Does for Sale:
Please see
Doe page and 2nd Fresheners 2023 page  
for more info.


Pippin Hill CC Lola 4*M  (Pippin Hill MB Milly 3*M X Redstone Cosmic Charlie *B)

    Blue eyed buckskin nice level rump, large milkable teats. 

     DOB 3/31/19   $750

update- Lola has been bred to Hero. She may be available after kidding.  


For Sale
Pippin Hill T Holly Wood 3*M VEVV 88
Actually, they're all hard to let go! Holly is line bred on Castle Rock Sunset*B LA EEE 91
and I love her dam line!
For Sale
Pippin Hill JA SugarTime
another ff -She kidded sextuplets!
She's a beautiful doe. Long, Wide, and Dairy. She's a Johnny daughter I kept because she was too pretty to let go!
For Sale
Pippin Hill SOH Irish Gypsy
a ff with a lot of promise $700
For Sale
Pippin Hill JA Killarney
Killarney has a very soft easy to milk udder and has persisted in milk further than the other yearling first fresheners.
I'd like to see a longer fore udder, and in another freshening, that may happen, but my list of does to freshen is too long!

For Sale
Pippin Hill CC Stella 4*M LA V+V+ 85 (ff)
Stella is a big substantial doe with lots of length and width throughout.
She is quick to hop up to be milked, but prefers hand milking, which with her large teats is easy to do. 

BUCKS For Sale


Pippin Hill ROA Gold Mine *B 


This sweet boy is a handsome, friendly yearling.  He is a very substantial buck, with great length and width. He has nice brisket and a beautiful  rump!  His dam has one of the best udders I've ever seen. 


DOB 4-3-21

Sire: Southern Grace Rock of Ages *B

Dam Pippin Hill C Filigree 3*M LA VEEE 90

See the buck page for more info on-

* For Sale Pippin Hill BF Black Gold *B 600
Sale Policies
A deposit is not required for a reservation on an unborn kid. I will put your name down and will contact you when the kid is born and you will then have 3 days to decide if you want to proceed with the purchase. If I don't hear from you I will move on to the next name on the list. If you do want the kid, I will need a deposit of half the purchase price within 3 days. I do take Pay Pal (using the friends and family option) or a check is fine too, as long as it will clear the bank before pick up. The remainder is due before pickup. Pick-up is expected to be around 10 weeks and I will need you to be in contact with me if you need additional time.  
All deposits are non-refundable.
I cannot guarantee what a goat will become, nor do I have any control over their health once they leave the farm. 
Our prices are based upon the accomplishments of the dam and sire with a base price of 450, and an additional 50 for -
  -Linear Appraisal score
  -LA above 90
  -LA E in mammary
  -Milk Star in butter fat or protein
  -Milk Star in production 
  an additional 100 for-
  -Superior Genetics Award
  -Elite doe
  -Percentile rank 90 or above
  -Champion leg
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