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​Each year I keep four to six does from the new kids, and therefore have to choose an equal number of adult does to move on to other herds or risk being overrun! It is not an easy task.
If you are interested in an adult doe, please contact me and let me know what you are looking for, as it does make that job easier when I know that they are going to the right home. Plus, you never know who I might be willing to part with. Many never see the sale page.
Please be sure to read our policies  regarding deposits, reservations, and pickup at the bottom of this page, and be aware of our herd management which is on the home page. Thank you for your interest in our herd!
2020 Kids!
The Kidding schedule will tell you who has kidded, price and availability. To see pictures please go to the kidding gallery by clicking on the link . 
Adult Does for Sale:
Pippin Hill BJ MyOwnSweeThyme
DOB. 3/25/18
ADGA link
Sweetness is a quiet and gentle doe. She gets along well with others and is well behaved on the milk stand.
She is on the smaller side, well balanced, and has the softest coat!
As a first freshener she had quints! Her first milk test was 3.7 lbs and her udder is soft and easy to milk. 
She is a good mother and made beautiful kids. :)

Dam: Blythmoore  LA +VEE 87 

Sire: Elfin Acres B Blackjack VVE 87 

Price:  500.

Pippin Hill BJ Black Pearl 1*M
 This is is such a lovely doe, and her ff uddder is just beautiful! I love her brisket and width between her thurls. She has a nice long neck as well as good length to her body. Her skin is very stretchy and dairy.  She is producing very well (3.7 lbs on her first test!) She is trained to the milk stand and is a  good mother. She would make a nice addition to your herd!
 DOB 3-23-18

Dam: Pippin Hill HB Treasure Island +VEV 86

Sire: Elfin Acres B Blackjack VVE 87

Price 600.

Dry yearlings
As I said, each year I keep back 4-6 of my picks to keep building my herd in the direction I want to go. I always keep too many, (this year I kept 9!!) and have to thin the keeper pen before breeding time.
Pippin Hill BF Jewels

This is a very nicely made wide doe with lots of stretch to her as well as depth. Her dam's udder is soft and easy to milk. She is friendly, easy to keep, and has wattles!

Her sire is out of Trinity Ridge RT Sassafras 1*M  VEEE 91

and Castle Rock Cyclogenesis *B

DOB 3-05-19 

Dam: Pippin Hill SS Rare Gem 3*M VEEV 88

Sire: Pippin Hil CG Black Forest *B

Price- 475.

  - can be bred before leaving for an additional 75.

Dams udder
Pippin Hill SS Rare Gem3*M

Dam : Pippin Hill MB My Pearl 2*M +VV+ 85

Sire : Castle Rock Sunsett *B EEE 91

DOB 5-29-16

Price 650

  -can be bred before leaving for a 75. breeding fee.

Gem's udder
Pippin Hill CL Rose Parade

This girl has a lot of style.  I love her angulation through the hocks, and she has such a nice brisket.

Dam: Pippin Hill S California Poppy

Sire:  Pippin Hill CN Christmaslegend

DOB 3-12-19


   -can be bred before leaving for a 75. breeding fee.

Dams udder

BUCKS For Sale

​I keep bucks intact only from my best does, and who I would want to use in my own herd.
I am trying to keep my bucks to a reasonable number, and have a few to share with others. Take a look at who is for sale...I think they have a lot to offer.
Pippin Hill SS Helianthus *B

Helianthus is a full brother to California Poppy, and a son of Pointsetta. Both of whom have captured the admiration of  several Linear Appraisers.

Dam Pippin Hill FC Pointsetta 1*M  VEEE 90

Sire Castle Rock Sunset *M *S  EEE 91

DOB: 3-28-17

Price 400.

He's a little shy, but not wild. Very sweet.

Pippin Hill CG Cedar *B

Here's a boy that will ad length and dairyness to your herd.

The link is to his brother Forest who I have kept.

Dam: Trinity Ridge RT Sassafras 1*M VEEE 91

Sire Castle Rock Cyclogenesis *B VEE 89

DOB 2-28-18

Price 550.

  Very friendly and eager to breed!

Sale Policies
A deposit is not required for a reservation on an unborn kid. I will put your name down and will contact you when the kid is born and you will then have 3 days to decide if you want to proceed with the purchase. If I don't hear from you I will move on to the next name on the list. If you do want the kid, I will need a deposit of half the purchase price within 5 days. I do take Pay Pal (using the friends and family option) or a check is fine too, as long as it will clear the bank before pick up. The remainder is due before pickup. 
All deposits are non-refundable.
I cannot guarantee what a goat will become, nor do I have any control over their health once they leave the farm. 
Our prices are based upon the accomplishments of the dam and sire with a base price of 400, and an additional 50 for -
  -Linear Appraisal score
  -LA above 90
  -LA E in mammary
  -Milk Star in butter fat or protein
  -Milk Star in production 
  -Superior Genetics Award
  -Elite doe
  -Percentile rank 90 or above
  -Champion leg

Please Contact us with any questions about our goats, to reserve a kid out of a particular breeding, or to schedule an appointment.

We'd love to hear from you!

Amy Nobles

Lostine Oregon


   or PM on messenger

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