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Bucks in the tank-

Wolfivan Pappy Van Winkle *B

DOB 2-10-2021

Sire: SG Agape's Prize Sulaymaan Quinn +*B Elite 2022

   S Sire: SG Old Mountain Farm Keidan Quinn +*B  +EE 88

   S Dam: CH Wood Bridge Farm LeviandDiamond 1*M VEEE 91 

Dam: SGCH Joyful Hearts KR Pheobe 2*M VEEE 91

        1290 lbs in 2nd and third lactations with a 7.1 high test

    D's Sire: SG Algedi Farm CK Kinetic Riptide ++*B +VE 84

    D's Dam: Joyful Hearts DS Tigar Tracks 1*M 3*D  VEEE 90

SGCH Joyful HEarts KR Phoebe 2M.jpg

Pappy Van Winkle's dam 

SGCH Joyful Hearts KR Phoebe 2*M, 4*D VEEE 91

As a yearling milker, Phoebe took first place in her class in all 5 rings she was shone. 

As a second freshener, she became a finished Champion, and took best Doe in Show in one of the rings. She earned her AR Star, milking 1290 lbs in 305 days and earned her Superior Genetics title.

Phoebe scored VEEE 90 as a 2 year old and as a 4 year old scored VEEE 91

Her scores show a Wide level E  rump, width (36), rump angle (30) with a beautiful fore udder Attachment (37) Rear udder height (31), rear udder arch (33) medial (27) teat placement (22).

She is a beautiful and productive doe.

Joyful Hearts KR Phoebe 2M.jpg

photos credit to Wolfivan Ranch

Dam's udder

SGCH Joyful Hearts KR Pheobe

Sires dam of Pappy Van Winkle Wood Bridge Farm LevianDiamond 1M_edited.jpg

Sire's Dam: SG Wood Bridge Farm LevianDiamond 1*M VEEE 91


Sires dam of Pappy Van Winkle Wood Bridge Farm LevianDiamond 1M_edited.jpg

Service Name

Pappy VAn Winkle daughter.jpg

Service Name

Here is a Wolfivan Pappy Van Winkle 2022


2022 Pappy Van Winkle daughter_.jpg

Service Name

Another beautiful daughter of Wolfivan Pappy Van Winkle*B

Pippin Hill Farm


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