Springwater BL JohnnyAppleseed *B

Johnnie's dam milked over 1000 lbs as a yearling, as well as placing 3rd in the Nationals in her class as a 2nd freshener.


Redstone Cosmic Charlie *B

Charlie's dam has milked several lactations between 1000 and 1350 lbs. She also scored VEEE 92 last fall. I especially love her wide V rump and nice brisket. She is an impressive doe.

ADGA Genetics link

Southern Grace HD Rock of Ages *B

Rocky's Dam milked 1060 lbs as a 2nd freshener with a 5.6 lbs test high. She scored VEEE 90 with E's in Rump, Shoulder assembly, and Udder texture.

Rocky's page

ADGA link

Pippin Hill CC Golden Touch*B

Midas's dam scored VEVE 90 and milked over 770 lbs. Love that girl!

Midas resides at Grace Ridge Goats up in Idaho with Laurie Hunt.

Midas's page


ADGA link

Pippin Hill CG Black Forest *B

Forest's dam scored VEEE 91 as an 8 year old doe. She milked 730 lbs. 

Forest's page

ADGA link

Pippin Hill SS Helianthus *B

    For Sale  400

Helianthus's dam scored VEEE 90 and milked 810 lbs. She won Best of Show and Best of Breed at the Syringa ID show as a yearling.

Helianthus's page

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