Springwater BL JohnnyAppleseed *B

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Johnnie's dam milked over 1000 lbs as a yearling, as well as placing 3rd in the Nationals in her class as a 2nd freshener.


Redstone Cosmic Charlie *B

Charlie's dam has milked several lactations between 1000 and 1350 lbs. She also scored VEEE 92 last fall. I especially love her wide V rump and nice brisket. She is an impressive doe.


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Southern Grace HD Rock of Ages *B

Rocky's Dam milked 1060 lbs as a 2nd freshener with a 5.6 lbs test high. She scored VEEE 90 with E's in Rump, Shoulder assembly, and Udder texture.

lizzie rear.jpg

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Mt Rivendells BJ Atlas

Atlas has an interesting pedigree coming down from  SGCH SugerMoon Mine By Design LA E+EE 90 who's high milk weight was 1390 with a percentile rank of 98

Frozen Berries

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         Mt Rivendells

    Standing Ovation *B

Stanley's dam milked 760 on her yearling lactation and scored ++V+ 84 as a yearling.

percentile rank is 94


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Castle Rock Saranghae *B

Saranghae's dam had a high weight of 6.8 on her second lactation, and milked consistently over 3 lbs for eight tests, for 760 lbs

percentile rank is 34