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Springwater BL JohnnyAppleseed *B
Reference only, Johnny has been sold- progeny in herd:
Killarny, SugarTime, Tully,
Letter, Hallelujah, and Pink.


 Sire: Pholia farm RD LA Brea Legend*B
(Sugar Moon Rocky Dolby+*B X Pholia Farm MI                                        Carolina 3*M LA EEEE 90)
Dam: SG Springwater AL Apricote Nectar                       2*M LA  VVEE 88    Elite doe
       (SG Sugar Moon NS Alejandro +*B Elite Sire)

Johnnie's dam milked over 1000 lbs as a yearling, as well as placing 3rd in the Nationals in her class as a 2nd freshener.


ADGA Genetics link


Redstone Cosmic Charlie *B
Progeny in herd:
Lola, Crescendo, Stella, Gold Star

Sire: Redstone Pony Boy*B
 (Redstone Dhruva *B X SG On Firestone Creek H              Jody Girl *M LA VEEE 90  Elite doe)

Dam: Redstone SF Dark Star 4*M
              LA VEEE 92, Elite doe, Top Ten
(SG Piddlin Acres BBT Sunfire+*B LA VEV 87
        X  SG DesertNanny BR Estrella 3*M VEEV 89)

Charlie's dam has milked several lactations between 1000 and 1350 lbs. She also scored VEEE 92  in 2019. I especially love her wide V rump and nice brisket. She is an impressive doe.


ADGA Genetics link

Southern Grace HD Rock of Ages *B
Progeny in herd:
Indie Rock, Gold Mine, Honey Crisp, Northern Spy

Sire: Southern Grace O Happy Day *B
SG Cedar View Olivaro ++*B++S 90 EX, LA VEV 88
    X SG Sinai Thunder V Saphronia Day LA VEEV 90)

Dam: Sinia Thunder AG Lizzie Bell 2*M
                         LA VEEE 90
 (Olson Acres RC Augustine ++*B ++*S X          DapraKoza TT Schokolalde *M *D LA VEEV 88)


Rocky's Dam milked 1060 lbs as a 2nd freshener with a 5.6 lbs test high. She scored VEEE 90 with E's in Rump, Shoulder assembly, and Udder texture.

lizzie rear.jpg

Rocky's page


ADGA link

Castle Rock Saranghae *B
Was leased, for Reference only- progeny in herd:
Rainynite, Starstruck


Saranghae's dam had a high weight of 6.8 on her second lactation, and milked consistently over 3 lbs for eight tests, for 760 lbs

percentile rank is 34

-6279635020204182298 (1)_edited.jpg

Oldruggedcross  V Pirate *B

Progeny in herd- Love Potion, Gold Hoops, Fantasia 
Sire: Cedar View Valentino *B
Little Tots Estates Bambino X
 SGCHCedar View Phoebe 4*M VEEE 90, Top 10

Dam: SG Sinai Thundar O Tabernacles
  (SG Cedar View Olivero ++B++S 90Ex VEV 88                       Elite buck X
 SGCH Woodbridge Farms Peridot 3*M EEEE 91
Top 10 Breed leader)

Red's dam (a Cedar View Olivero daughter) scored mostly V's in the structural traits as a ff and a rump width of 36. She milked almost 1000 lbs earning her SG as a first freshener, and scores a 91 Percentile Rank.

Red's paternal granddam is Elite doe SGCH Cedar View Pheobe 4*M who has milked 1420, 1440, and 1750 lbs with high test of 7.2 and was still milking 5.1 at 288 dim.

Her percentile rank is 98.


        Oldruggedcross K
         Not By Chance *B

Progeny in herd- Golden Era, Love Notes
Sire: Southern Grace J Texas Kountry*B
(Sinia Thunder O Jubilee *B X
          GCH Buffalo Clover Katrina 2*M)

Dam: Sinai Thunder ASH Serendipity 2*M 2*D AR  E90.6  VEEE 90
(Sinai Thunder AG Asher ++*B ++*S X
SGCH/ARMCH/PGCH Lost Balley Dipp'n Dots 1*M *D VEEE 90)

Chance's dam milked over 1000 lbs as a second freshener and I love her LA scores (Almost all E's and V's) and I particularly like those udder trait numbers!  37 foreudder, 35 r. udder height, 37 r. udder arch, 28 medial, 26 teat placement! Gotta love it!


         Southern Grace D
            Valient Hero *B is sold

Progeny in herd-
Golden Goose
Sire: Sinai Thunder O Dauntless *B*S LA VEE 88 
(SG Cedar View Olivero ++*B ++*S LA 90 EX VEV 88 Elite Buck X
SG Helmstead Minis GB Virtue 3*M 3*D AR 90.2EX EEEE 92 Top Ten breed leader)

Dam: CH Buffalo Clover VAL Dauphene 2*M VEEE 90
      (CH/PGCH/MCH AGS Buffalo CLover                              Valentino ++B +S   EEE 91 X
SGCH Buffalo Clover Delta Dawnn 1*M LA EEEE 91

Hero's dam is daughter to the infamous

Buffalo Clover Valentino, which means she has multiple siblings that have their GCH and CH titles. She made the 2020 AGS National Champion Grand Lineup and has many Reserve Champion and 1st place ribbons of her own. I love her udder and her sharpness. She is one of Southern Graces milkiest does and will be on test this year, so I'll be posting her results.


ADGA link

Pippin Hill ROA Gold Mine *B

Filigree 4th f

Mine's Page


ADGA link

Pippin Hill BF Black Gold *B
  aka Chevron or 'Ronnie'



Ronnie's Page

Sire: Pippin Hill CG Black Forest
(Castle Rock Cyclogenises *B X Trilogy Ranch Sassafras *M VEEE 91)

Dam: Pippin Hill Gold Locket 4*M

   (Diji Farm BW Hudson Bay *B X Pippin Hill 3*M 
            LA VEEE 90)
Sire: Southern Grace Rock Of Ages *B 
   (Southern Grace O Happy Day*B X Sinai Thunder AG Lizzie Bell 2*M VEEE 90)
Dam:Pippin Hill C Filigree 3*M VEEE 90
 (Capriola WS Corbin X Pippin Hill MB My Pearl 2*M)
Sire: Pippin Hill CG Black Forest *B
    (Castle Rock Cyclogenesis *B VEE 89 X Trinity Ridge RT Sassafras 1*M VEEE 91)
Dam: Pippin Hill HB Gold Locket 4*M VVEE 89
 (Diji Farm BW Hudson Bay *B X Pippin HIll C Filigree 3*M VEVE 90)

Springwater AL Frosty Mug *B
              AKA "Frost"
   co-owned with Graceridge Goats


Sire: SG Sugar Moon NS Alejandro +*B
     SS- SG Old Mountain Farm Nightshade *B
     SD-SG Sugar Moon RB Gianna

Dam: SG Springwater BL Janie's GotAGun


Frost's dam milked over 1000 lbs as a 2 year old, and showed in three National shows, placing ninth as a yearling milker, winning her class as a three year old, placing 7th as a 4 year old. Check out her awards list, it is impressive. She was also given a VEEE 90 at Linear Appraisal as a 4 year old!

Frost's sire is SG Sugar Moon NS Alejandro *+B, sire of many Elite does.


Frost's full brother was just accepted to the Spotlight Sale in Syracuse, NY. 


Redstone Fastbreak Ruettiger *B
               AKA "Rudy"

Sire: Hansen's Hideaway Fastbreak *B

Dam: SG Redstone Rosie The Riveter 


Rudy's dam as a yearling first freshener, started off milking a 4.5 lb test, and in 356 days, never dropped beneath 3.1 lbs.

Her LA score was VEEE 88, with V's in all but one structural category. Her udder scores were impressive, with 36 in Fore Udder Attachment, 34 in Rear Udder Height, 32 in Rear Udder Arch and 21 teat placement. Her rump scores were pretty cool too, with 31 in Rump Angle, and 33 in Rump Width. And these are yearling FF scores!

Rudy's sire is a buck out of Elite doe SGCH Gladdie Acres CC Reese's who has some amazing milk records to flaunt, with 1130 lbs as a FF, 1450 lbs as a second freshener, and 1490 lbs as a 3rd freshener. Her udder scores are 37 Fore Udder Attachment, 36 Rear Udder Height, 38 Rear Udder Arch, and 22 teat placement. 

Rosie .jpeg
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