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First Fresheners's 2023


DOB 4-29-19

Pippin Hill SG Starstruck


Sire: Castle Rock Saranghae *B

  SS: Castle Rock Moonraker *B

  SD: Castle Rock Sarafina *M EEEE 92

Dam: Pippin Hill CC Stella

  DS: Redstone Cosmic Charlie *B

  DD: Pippin Hill MB Bellissima 3*M

                                                VEEV 89

Grass and Flowers

Struck's's page

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Oldruggedcross V Admiration

Sire: Cedar View Valentino *B

  SS: Little Tots Estate Bambino *B

  SD: SGCH Cedar View Pheobe 4 *M

             VEEE 90 Elite doe

Dam: SG Sinai Thunder Adoration 4*M 

             LA E+EE 89                                       DS: Sinai Thunder V Agnus Dei

  DD: Little Tots Estate Allamanda 2*M

            LA EEEE 91


Mira's page

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DOB 3-31-19

Pippin Hill ROA Indie Rock

Sire: Southern Grace Rock of Ages *B

  SS: Southern Grace O Happy Day *B

  SD: Sinai Thunder AG Lizzie Bell 2*M

Dam: SG Pippin Hill DB Allegretto 4*M                                                          VEVE 89

  DS: Castle Rock CS Oh Danny Boy *B

  DD: Pippin Hill MB Bellissima 3*M

                                                VEEV 89


Indie's page

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Pippin Hill SG ILoveARainynite

Sire: Castle Rock Sarangea *B

  SS: Castle Rock Moonraker *B

  SD: SGCH Castle Rock Sarafina *M

Dam: Pippin Hill BJ I Love Lucy 4*M 

             LA VVEV 87                                        DS: Elfin Acres B Blackjack +*B VVE 87

  DD: SG Pippin Hill HT That's Amore 3*M

            LA VEEV 88


Rain's page

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