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           Springwater BL                          JohnnyAppleseed *B


Sire: Pholia Farm RD La Brea Legend + *B

    Sires Sire: SG Sugar Moon Rocky Dolby +*B

    Sires Dam: SG Pholia Farm MI Carolina 3*M              LA EEEE 90

Dam: SG Springwater AL Apricot Nectar 2*M LA           VVEE 88

    Dam's sire: SG Sugar Moon NS Aljandro

    Dam's Dam: SGCH Sage Acres SHO Peachy             Keen 1*M LA VVEE 89


So excited to have Johnny with us! His genetics are strong in all the areas I am striving to strengthen in our herd. (Width, rumps, and production). Check out below, pictures of his dam Apricot, and Meet Virginia who is sister to his sire. 

    SG Springwater AL

    Apricot Nectar 2*M

           LA VVEE 88 

Photos courtesy of Springwater Dairy Goats


Johnny's dam- A georgous doe with an E mammary, and a 35 in Rump Width. 

Elite Doe 2018 (as a yearling)

1-01 age 276 DIM   1036 lbs milk 72 lbs BF 50 lbs Protein

Show Wins:
(3x RCH)
2017, several 1st and 2nd place
2017 Washington State Fair Nigerian Specialty, 2nd place senior kid, part of 1st place breeder's trio
2018 ISDGA Show, 1x 1st, 1x 2nd
2018 Logan, UT show, 2x 1st, 1x RCH milker
2018 Union County Fair, 2x 1st, 1x RCH
2018 Utah Dairy Goat Association show, 2x 1st, 1x RCH
2019 ADGA National show 2nd place 2 yo with 1st place udder out of 66 does; 1 of only 3 does asked to milk out to determine best udder!!
2019 Western Idaho Fair 1st/1st udder 2yo
2019 Twin Falls Co. Fair 2nd place 2yo
2019 Utah State Fair, 3x2nd, 1x2nd udder 2yo

      SGCH Pholia Farm RD

Meet Virginia 4*M LA VEEE 90

Photos courtesy of Springwater Dairy Goats


Virginia, Johnny's Sire's full sister was a phenomenal doe. 

Elite doe 2015-2018, 

2017 Breed Leader (Top Ten) for Butterfat (#9) and protein (#8)!
2019 ADGA National Show High Lifetime butterfat

Show Wins: (3 GCH Legs)
(5x GCH) (6xRCH) (4xBOB) (1+ x BUOB)
2014 Jerome Co Fair, 1st place dairy kid out of 7
2014 Twin Falls Co. Fair, GCH Jr Nigerian Doe
2015 ISDGA show, 2x 1st, 2x 2nd
2015 ADGA National Show, 1st place yearling milker!
2015 Logan, UT show, 2x 1st
2015 Western Idaho Fair, 1x 1st
2015 Twin Falls Co. Fair, 1x 1st
2015 Eastern Idaho State Fair, 1x 1st
2015 Utah State Fair, 1x 1st
2016 ISDGA show, RCH senior Nigerian doe
2016 Twin Falls Co. Fair, RCH senior Nigerian doe
2017 ISDGA show, 2x RCH, 2x GCH Nigerian doe (1st and 2nd legs)
2017 Wine Country Classic, 1x 1st, 2x 2nd, 1x RCH
2017 Western Idaho Fair, GCH & BOB, BUOB (3rd leg); High Test Milk doe of Show!
2017 Twin Falls Co. Fair, RCH senior Nigerian doe
2017 Eastern Idaho State Fair, 1st; High Test Milker of Show
2017 Washington State Fair, District 7 Nigerian specialty, 3rd
2019 ADGA National Show: 11th place 5-6 yo
        High Lifetime Butterfat award!

2019 Western Idaho Fair 1st place champion challenge (Best of Breed)
2019 Twin Falls Co. Fair 1st, GCH
2019 Utah State Fair 1st/1st udder 5+yo

This is Johnny's littermate sister Springwater Lets be LegandDairy and her ff udder (she kidded with a single)

Photos curtesy of Nancy Boling

Johnn'ys sister Dairy.jpg
Lets Be Legendairy.jpg

Johnny's littermate sister Springwater BL Royal Rosa and her ff udder. Pretty amazing teat length on these girls!

royal Rosa johnny's sister.jpg
Johnny's sister rosa.jpg
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