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Doe  X  Buck                      Price         Date kidded                        w/?  availability                                                                                          highlighted w/ green means available

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Maggie  X  Charlie    kidded w/ 1 buck   175 as wether  

Expecting high production from these two! 

Bellissima X Johnny 
 kidded w/1 buck 175 as wether  1 doe retained  1 doe sold                                 

Planning to retain at least one if not two does...

Bellissima is dam of Greta ,Trassette, Stella and Rae. She may be for sale after weaning.

Trassette  X  Charlie    kidded with 1 buck 175  as wether, 1 doe sold              

Expecting lots of milk out of this pairing!

Gretta  X  Charlie        kidded 1 buck sold, 3 does 1 sold 2 retained

Looking forward to keeping a doe kid out of this breeding

Shamrock  X  Johnny        kidded with 2 bucks 175 ea as wethers

I might need to keep a doe out of Shamrock this year. You should have seen last years kids!

Lucy (ff)  X  Charlie          kidded with 3 bucks 175 ea as wethers

Lucy is an Amore daughter, line-bred on The Lilac Twinkles Toes (top ten doe)

I expect this girl to Milk, and bred to Charlie, I expect a doe kid to Milk a Lot!

Piper (ff) X Johnny            kidded 1 buck 175 as wether 2 does sold

Piper is out of an Elite doe, this breeding doubles up on some heavy milking lines.

Locket (ff) X Midas         2 bucks 175 each as wethers 1 doe retained 

Locket is a Filigree daughter, bred to Midas (Filigree X Charlie) makes a tight line-breeding. I'm excited to see what this produces!

Black Pearl (ff) X Midas    kidded 1 buck 175 as a wether 1 doe sold

This is another line-breeding but not as close as Lockets. 

Gem X Johnny                    kidded 2 bucks 175 ea as wethers 1 doe 500

Both Gem and Johnny have moon spots, so that should be fun.

Toes (ff) X Handsome        400           March     Toes was sold as a bred doe

Handsome has put some really wide thurls on his kids. Toes's dam is Amores sister (think milk!) Nice combo!

Poppy X Johnny                  500        March  1 doe retained.

Poppy makes pretty babies! Can't wait to see this pairing!

Sweetness (ff) X Johnny      450       3 does, 2 bucks available as wethers 175 ea. 3 are bottle babies


Filigree X Johnny           600               2 bucks available  1 doe retained

Filigree consistently puts out beautiful kids. Will plan on retaining a doe.

Holly (ff) X Johnny                           2 bucks as wethers 175 ea 

Holly is a Poppy daughter, (Pointsetta grand daughter)

Blue X Handsome       sold as a bred doe

The first time Blue kidded she was a small yearling. Looking forward to seeing what a little time can do. She is a Skye daughter... should be pretty kids! 

Amore X Johnny     3 buck kids available as wethers 175 each I doe retained

Amore is a good producer with large teats. I'll be retaining a doe kid from this pair.

Milly  X  Johnny                   500           May kidded with 1 doe retained

Milly is a persistant milker with large teats. I'll be keeping a doe kid as Milly will be for sale after weaning.

Accent  X Handsome           450          Kidded with 2 does 1 wether available

Accent milked very well this last year as a ff. Should be a nice breeding for milk!









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