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Mt Rivendells BJ Atlas

Atlas is an impressive young buck I was not planning on buying. But not only is he beautiful to look at, you should see his dam! I will be using Atlas on any does that are in need of more bone, as he  has plenty of that. I love his head and how dairy he is, along with being so uphill. His pedigree is very interesting as well. Really looking forward to seeing what he produces!

Frostbitty AL Pandora

What struck me first about Atlas's dam was her width. Right from her nostrils, (you could put your thumb up each one!) all the way down to her wide rear end. I also really like her topline and stretchy neck. She has nice angulation through the hocks and a well shaped head. Wide ribbing and nice brisket with straight legs. She has a nice udder with large teats, and very good attachments. Photo is only partly full. Will replace with a better one next spring.

Mt Rivendells AV Benjen

Stanley's sire Benjen is a son of Sand Stone Ridge The Aviator*B, who is a son of SGCH Sugar Moon RB Mine By Design3*M E+EE 90, and Sugar Moon O Sky Pilot +*B 

Design milked 1390 lbs, so really hoping he passes on the milk!

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