Castle Rock Saranghea *B


Sire: Castle Rock Moonraker*B

    Sires Sire: SG Castle Rock Clevland Sage *B

    Sires Dam: GCH CRF Castle Rock Moon River 2*M              LA EEEE 91

Dam: GCH Castle Rock Sarafina 2*M LA EEE 92

    Dam's sire: Twin Creeks BW Montego Bay++*B

    Dam's Dam: GCH Esperanza WS Sara 1*M

           LA VVEV 87

So blessed to be able to use this handsome fancy buck!

Thank you Laurie Hunt!

             Saranghae's Dam


SGCH Castle Rock Sarafina  2*M

                   LA EEEE 92 

                          Photos courtesy of Castle Rock Farm

Show wins:

3xGCH, 5xRGCH, 3xBOB

           Saranghea's Sires Dam

       Castle Rock Moon River 2*M

                  LA EEEE 91

                      Photos courtesy of Castle Rock Farm

Show wins:

2xGCH, 2xRGCH, 2xGCH Jr., 1xRGCH Jr.

            Saranghae's sires full sister


SGCH Castle Rock Moon Beam 3*M

                LA EEEE 92

                   Photos courtesy of Castle Rock Farm

Show wins:

3x GCH, 8xBOB, 6xBU
Second place three year old, second place udder, ADGA National Show

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Lostine Oregon


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