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Kidding schedule 2022

Photos and breeding info are also on the Doe and First Freshener 2022 pages
        * New kid pictures are here! Click Here to go to the New Kids 2022 gallery.

(ff)Letter X Chancy Bred 10/28 due 3/22 -Kidded [2 does, 2 bucks] 
    1 doe available, 1 doe retained, 1 buck retained 1 wether available
    Letter is an Amore Daughter by Johnny, so I'm expecting her to excel in milk production.
      I will be retaining a doe if she gives me one! 

(ff) Lulla X Pirate bred 10/28 due 3/22 -kidded [2 bucks]
     2 wethers available
     Lulla is another Johnny daughter, and bred to Pirate I'm hoping for high milk production           from this pairing.
(ff)Charm X Chancy bred 11/2 due 3/27 Kidded- [2 does!]
     1 doe retained 1 doe available
     Charm is the result of a tight line breeding on Filigree, (dam is a Filigree/Hudson                        daughter,  sire is a Filigree/Charlie son) Should be some nice udders here!
(ff) Sugar X Chancy bred 11/3 due 3/28 Kidded-[5 bucks, 1 doe]
       1 doe available, 4 wethers available,
      Love the length on this girl! Her prefresh udder is looking really nice and I'm expecting            Chancy to produce beautiful udders that milk well!
(ff) Gypsy X Pirate bred 11/7 due 4/1 Kidded [1 doe]
     1 doe available 
      Gypsy is a daughter of Accent, who has been strong in holding her lactation. She                      (Accent)  was milked through last year.
Filigree X Pirate bred 11/10 due 4/4 Kidded- [1 buck, 1 doe]
     1 doe retained, 1 wether available
      Filigree is a favorite for putting out beautiful kids and of course her amazing udder. Dam          to Locket, Gold Star, Midas, Mine, Gold Star
Holly X Hero bred 11/26 due 4/20 [Kidded 1 Buck] Avail. as a wether
   Holly is a tight line breeding on Castle Rock Sunset. She is a Poppy daughter. 
Accent X Chancy bred 11/23 due 4/17 kidded with2 wethers available  1 polled buck Avail.
     Accent is a Kiss daughter, dam of Gypsy and Pony. She was milked through last year, (milking 1120 lbs in 490 days) and still impressed the appraiser in October!
Crescendo X Pirate bred 12/4 due 4/28 kidded 2 does 1 wether Available
   Crescendo is a Gretta/Charlie daughter. She freshened as a yearling and won her class at          the La Grande show.
Pink X Rocky bred 12/17 due 5/11 kidded 3 does, 1 buck. 1 doe retained, 2 does available, 1 wether available
   Pink is a Poppy/Johnny daughter, half sister to Holly. 
Locket X Hero bred 12/18 due 5/12 Kidded 1 doe retained 1 doe available, 2 wethers available
   Locket is a Filigree/Hudson daughter. Dam to Charm, Halo, Opportunity and Ronnie
Piper X Rocky bred 12/18 due 5/12 kidded 2 does, 2 bucks reserved
    Piper is from the Springwater herd, descending from a long line of SG and Elite dams.
(ff) Pony X Rocky bred 12/21 due 5/15
     Pony is an Accent/Handsome daughter. Hoping for some good milk production from this         pairing. 1 wether, 1 doe available
Shamrock X Hero  still open
    The appraisers have always loved Shamrock! She was on my sales list for a while, but I'm          so glad I kept her! Dam to Killarny and Tully. Half sister to Gretta.
Amore X Pirate bred 1/4 due 5/29
    Amore is my best producer. (she milked 1366 lbs in 535 days, 1050 lbs in 305 days) Half sister to Bellissima. Dam to Lucy and Letter. Doe will be retained if she gives me one. kidded with 2 does, 1 buck. 1 buck available
Stella X Hero bred 1/17 due 6/11
   Stella is a Bellissima/Charlie daughter. Dam to Starstruck.
kidded with 2 does my keeper list is too long, so they are both available 500 ea

Greta X Hero still open 
   Gretta is a Bellissima/DannyBoy daughter. Dam to Crescendo, Sparrow and Indie Rock.
Lucy X Rocky bred 3/22 due 8/14
   Lucy is an Amore/BlackJack daughter who is following in her dams hoofprints. Dam to              RainyNite
(ff) Opportunity X Charlie bred 1/13 due 6/7
      Locket/Black Forest daughter. Freshening as a yearling Kidded with a buck and a doe
buck available as a wether 200. Doe available 450

(ff) Halo X Charlie bred 1/17 due 6/11
      Locket/Black Forest daughter. Freshening as a yearling.
kidded with 2 bucks. both available as wethers 200

(ff) Killarney X Charlie bred 1/13 due 6/7
      Shamrock/Johnny daughter freshening as a yearling.
kidded with a buck and a doe. buck available as a wether, 200. doe available 450

(ff) Gold Star X Hero
      Filigree/Charlie daughter. Having trouble settling.

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