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Redstone Sleight of Hand *B

Sire: Redstone Pony Boy

  SS: Redstone Druva

  SD: SG On Firestone H Jody Girl *M VEEE 90

Dam: Redstone Dem Bones 

  DS: Flatrock's Smoke and Mirrors +B

  DD: Redstone G Skeletor 6*M AR VEEE 90



Alexis Bachrach of the Redstone herd says this of Slight of Hand:

"Bone's kid is long and wide and very substantial without being coarse..there's a lot to him.  He's got's hard not to notice him.  He moves very freely particularly in the rear.  He's stretchy, a quality that i attribute to grandsire Mirrors, and while Bones is not the stretchiest of the daughters, it came through in her kids, particularly this buckling. ...

As far as GA head to tail, this kid is nicer than any buck i have produced..i would use him without hesitation.  i would use him specifically to improve rump structure, but i really like the udders behind him too....

 to sum up what i feel he brings to the table:


rear end structure..high wide thurls and ease of kidding consistent in the female relatives

substance, strength of bone, width throughout

lateral attachments, MSL

three of four immediate female relatves with 1,000+ lb lactations on record..Estrella, Jody, Skeletor...


Handsome's Dam:

Redstone Dem Bones 7*M AR

bones  ff udder.jpeg

Photos courtesy of Alexis Bachrach of Redstone Dairy Goats

Bones comes from a very productive family of goats with wide rumps that have high thurls; two things I am focusing on in our herd. 

She milked 650 lbs as a yearling first freshener. This year she has come out of the gate strong with 4.4 lbs for the first test of her 2nd lactation. I'm impressed!

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Sire's Dam:


jodyrearudderjune2017 (1).jpg

Photos courtesy of Alexis Bachrach of Redstone Dairy Goats

USDA Elite Doe 2017
LA VEEE 90 (with permanent scores of E in back, rear legs, and rump!)​She milked 1060 lbs last year (2017)

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