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MT Rivendells Standing Ovation *B

Standing Ovation (Stanley) has such an intriguing pedigree behind him I just couldn't get him off my mind.

He has Sugar Moon and Old Mountain Farm genetics on his dams side and Sinai Thunder and Rosasharn on his sires side.

He is very long in body and neck and already has so many wrinkles due to his dairy skin! I like his high thurls and nice brisket as well. I'm looking forward to using him on some of my girls who could use a little more stretch!



Stanley's Dam:

SG Sand Stone Ridge

Constellation 2*M

Stanley's Dam is the granddaughter of SGCH Sugar Moon RB Mine By Design 2*M LA E+EE 90 with a 98 percentile rank

She also has some notable accomplishments of her own, having milked over 780 lbs as a yearling first freshener in just 180 days. She was still milking 3.7lbs when she was dried off. She has a percentile rank of 93, and has earned her SG award. Her yearling ff LA score ++V+ 84 with a V in her rump. :)

Photo Credit goes to Sand Stone Ridge

constellation rear udder.webp

          Stanley's Sire:

Sycamore SS Rambo *B

Stanley's Sire is the son of Sinai Thunder Redeemed and SG/GCH Double Durango Princess Sky 1*M EEEE 91  (with a rump width of 35 and an udder arch of 40, and E's in all but one category)

His Dam has many accomplishments to boast of...

2014 ADGA Superior  Genetics award,
2014 ANDDA Sue Rucker JUJU Bronze Award,
AGS National TOP 10 One Day Milk Production Award
 Top Ten One Day High Protein
2016 Grand Champion Senior Doe Win

2018 Reserve Grand Champion Doe x2

SIRE - +*B Rosasharn SP Rip Van Winkle GA*S
DAM - Kaapio Acres RM Space Cadet

Photo credit to Sycamore Springs

Double Durango Princess Sky.webp
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