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So I have a few things still to accomplish before the girls start kidding... Mainly getting the barn clean and filled with fresh straw. My kidding barn is an old dairy, which I can't bring myself to renovate in the full sense because I just can't destroy that type of history. This means part of the barn is unused because I don't want to take down the old stanchions and milk lines that are blocking off about 5 feet of barn all the way down one side.

Maybe some day I'll find a way to use it without sacrificing the stanchions, but for now, I work around them.

The lighting is something to be desired, so I bought some led lights that looked like they would be helpful and they were super easy to install, just unscrew the single light bulb and screw in this multi light thing. I can move the outer bulbs to shine more out to the sides, or straight down. That's definitely an improvement. And now I can see all the cobwebs!

So I used the shop vac to vacuum some pretty nasty cobwebs and a very thick layer of dust. I think I'm nesting!

It's always cool to see the old paperwork on the barn wall and wonder what this place has seen.

Now a load of straw and it's ready for the 2023 kids to arrive.

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