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Ready for kidding?

In preparation for kidding I am making a warming hut for the kids out of a mineral bucket I got free from our local feed store. I stole the idea from a friend who was using them with the top cut out with a heat lamp, but since I don't use heat lamps, I'm only cutting out the door and drilling holes for better air circulation.

When I picked them up they had a good amount of mud on the outer bottom of the bucket, and since I don't know if that mud contains diseases or not, I started by removing all the mud with paper towels. Muddy paper towels can be thrown in garbage bags, rather than just rinsing the mud off into my soil. Then I sprayed them with chlorhexidine that I had just purchased from the vet to add to my kidding box.

One of the buckets still had some sticky molasses mineral in the bottom, so I used a wrench to scrap it out before I scrubbed it clean.

I'm sure my husband would be thrilled to see his tool used in this way!

After they were all clean I cut the doorway and drilled the holes. Easy peasy!

And look how nice that wrench cleaned up. He'll never know,!

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